Black-Owned Financial Company ‘Cents Savvy’ Announces New Money & Wealth Management Products to Promote Financial Literacy in Our Community

by lisadtinsley

Cents Savvy is a newly relaunched website that offers articles, videos and daily expert tips for clients and readers that are focused on building personal wealth at all stages of life and income levels in the African American community. The site is also home to The Savvy Shop — an online store with a suite of products and services pertaining to personal finance including debt and budgeting guides, financial planners, branded merchandise, and personalized consultations directly with site founder and CPA Tiffany Vaughn.

With the goal of being the go-to resource for anyone in need of financial planning, tax preparation, small business accounting and insurance services, Cents Savvy has expanded to offer products for everyday budget tracking for those aiming to drastically improve their future financial outlook –– offering items such cash savings envelopes (bestseller), financial planners, e-guides, and savings banks among many others.

“My driving philosophy that I instill in others is to “Act Your Wage.” It’s more than a motto — it is what I believe everyone should strive for as they begin their own financial journey,” states Tiffany Vaughn, the site’s founder and CPA based in Belleville, MI. Vaughn launched the site to complement her financial services and help more clients from all walks of life.

“You cannot understand or execute on your next financial move without knowing where you currently stand,” says Vaughn. “I am open to educating anyone who wants to listen about the beauty of a personal budget. Let us come to our senses and achieve true financial independence.”

Cents Savvy aims to act as a gathering place for those seeking financial tools and resources or are looking to gain expert insight into an ever-changing economy. “It is possible to build the financial independence and wealth you’ve always wanted by taking control of your own finances,” says Vaughn.

To learn more about The Savvy Shop’s suite of products and services or to connect with Tiffany Vaughn directly, please visit the website at

About the Company:

Founded in 2016, Savvy Cents is a 100% black owned financial literacy company whose mission is to teach clients and readers complete financial independence. The company offers financial management services, tax preparation, small business accounting, life insurance services, and informative videos and articles, in addition to the products available via The Savvy Shop.

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