Interview: Larry Tinsley

Going through the airport recently on his way to Atlanta , fashion icon Andre Leon Talley found himself the center of attention.

 Some were longtime fans who knew of him from his years at Vogue magazine. Others had only recently learned about the North Carolina-born fashion figure from the highly-acclaimed documentary, “The Gospel According to Andre.”

“I’m humbled and honored,” said Talley during a phone interview before he participated in a recent Meals on Wheels Atlanta fundraiser. “Of course, I’m flattered. People were so warm and inviting.”

The conversations continued on the plane. 

Known for his quick wit, Talley seemed truly amazed by the attention, which is surprising given his stature in the world’s fashion industry.

“They know my name now,” he said, without the least bit of braggadocio. “All those wonderful people on Delta were happy to see me.”

Lisa Tinsley